Republican All-Breed Dog Show Minsk

Show date: 12 october 2014
Regestration deadline: 06 October 2014
Place: Belarus, Minsk
Club: BROLJ «Sirius»
Rank: CAC, Club.Ch
Tel: +375-29-677-12-01, +375-17-272-03-11
Entry form, information:

The terms of participation in Dog Show:
For EU citezens - international veterinary certificate or veterinary passport stamped by the veterinarian inspection

Judges List of Republican Dog Show Minsk:

F.C.I. Group:Experts:
IHijnyak V. / Oleynikova Z.
IIHijnyak V. / Strelkova G.
IIIHijnyak V. / Oleynikova Z.
IVStrelkova G.
VOleynikova Z./Г.Стрелкова
VIStrelkova G. / Oleynikova Z.
VIIHijnyak V. / Oleynikova Z.
VIIIHijnyak V. / Oleynikova Z.
IXHijnyak V. / Oleynikova Z.
1XOleynikova Z.
Вне классификацииOleynikova Z.

Mono-breeds Dog Shows:

Republican Spitz and Primitive types Dog Show
Expert : Hijnyak V. (UKR)

Republican Labrador Retrievers Dog Show
Expert : Oleynikova Zoya (UKR)

Republican Labrador Golden Dog Show
Expert : Oleynikova Zoya (UKR)

Venue: Minsk, Daumana str, 23, Sport-Hall «Dinamo»


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