Republican All-Breed Dog Show «Leader-2015»

Show date: 7 february 2015
Regestration deadline: 01 February 2015 / 01 February 2015
Place: Belarus, Minsk
Club: «Alba Ross»
Rank: CAC
Tel: +375 17 2160910

Entry Fees:*

From 15.01.201 to 28.01.2015

From 28.01.2015 to 1.02.2015

Online Registration

Baby, puppies up to 9 months, veterans

Club members: 190.000 BYR

220.000 BYR

220.000 BYR

Not a member: 210.000 BYR

Adult dogs

Club members: 250.000 BYR

300.000 BYR

300.000 BYR

Not a member: 280.000 BYR

*Foreign participants to check the rates, please call +275 172160910 or via email.

A Copy of the Pedigree, as well as copies of other documents for registering to working, champion or winner class, must be taken by the owner to the dog show.
You don’t need to send the documents via email, the correctly filled guarantee letter will be sufficient (check website).

Venue: Minsk, Ckalova 7


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