International Dog Show «Philippine circuit» 2016 (CRUFTS qualification 2017)

Show date: from 21 january 2016 to 24 january 2016
Regestration deadline: 30 October 2015 / 30 November 2015 / 10 January 2016
Place: Philippines, Quezon City
Club: Philippine Canine Club
Rank: CAC, 4xСACIB, Club.Ch
Tel: (632) 721-8345, (632) 721-7152

Total of Twelve (12) All-Breed Championship Dog Shows:
  • Four (4) FCI CACIB (One Crufts 2017 Qualifier);
  • Four (4) Asia Pacific Champion Shows;
  • Four (4) South East Asia Champion Shows (One Philippine Winner 2016);
  • Multiple Specialties.

Entry fees (inclusive of FREE transfers from airport to hotel, hotel to show venue and vice-versa):
Until 30.10.2015 Until 30.11.2015 Until 10.01.2016
Regular class (6 months and over) U.S.$420.00 U.S.$460.00 U.S.$500.00
Baby puppy (3 to under 6 months)


20% discount for exhibitors with five (5) or more entries.

Judges List:
Rafael De Santiago (Puerto Rico)
Roberto Velez-Pico (Puerto Rico)
Manuel Quiejeiro (Mexico)
Darren Bowey (Australia)
Imran Husain (Pakistan)
Laurent Pichard (Switzerland)
Aramis Lim, JR. (Australia)
Chie Yamakado Ejima (Japan)
Tamas Jakkel (Hungary)
Hans Van Den Berg (Netherlands)
Horst Kliebenstein (Germany)
Johan Juslin (Finland)
Hans t. Hasse lehtinen (Finland)
Richard Paquette (Canada)
Wendy Anderson (Canada)
Jason Hoke (USA)
Pauline Brennan Lim (Australia)

Venue: Smart-Araneta Coliseum, Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines


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