National All Breeds Dog Show «Academy Cup 2014»

Show date: 15 november 2014
Regestration deadline: 03 November 2014
Place: Lithuania, Kaunas
Club: LKMS
Rank: 2xCAC
Tel: +370 699 56561 , +370 37 206758 (fax)

Entry fees

Till 28.08.2014Till 25.09.2014Till 25.10.2014Till 03.11.2014
First dog (1 show / 2 shows)35/60 EUR40/70 EUR45/80 EUR90 EUR
Additional dogs (1 show / 2 shows)30/50 EUR35/60 EUR40/70 EUR80 EUR
Baby, puppy and veterans (1 show / 2 shows)20/30 EUR25/40 EUR30/50 EUR60 EUR
Competitions (1 show / 2 shows)15/25 EUR15/25 EUR15/25 EUR25 EUR

Competitions include: junior handler, brace couple, breeders group and progeny group.

Advertisments in cataloque (page) - 20 EUR

Bank details:
No. LT 63 7300 0100 8998 6113 ( Iban code)

List of judges

FCI group I - Tino Pehar (Croatia) – Schipperke, Welsh Corgi Pembroke; Kitty Sjong (Denmark) – the rest of group
FCI group II - Valentina Ivanishcheva (Russia) – Kavkazskaya ovcharka, Sredneasiatskaya ovcharka; Vladimir Aleksandrov (Russia) - the rest of group
FCI group III - Valentina Ivanishcheva (Russia) – West Highland White Terrier, Yorkshire Terrier; Nenad Matejevic (Serbia) - the rest of group
FCI group IV - Tino Pehar (Croatia)
FCI group V - Miloslava Matejevic (Serbia) – Deutscher Spitz (all breeds); Tino Pehar (Croatia) - the rest of group
FCI group VI - Valentina Ivanishcheva (Russia)
FCI group VII - Miloslava Matejevic (Serbia)
FCI group VIII - Miloslava Matejevic (Serbia)
FCI group IX - Kitty Sjong (Denmark) – Chihuahua, Russkij Toy; Jos Dekker (Nederland) – the rest of group
FCI group X - Kitty Sjong (Denmark)
Group O - Valentina Ivanishcheva (Russia)
Junior handling – Nijolė Zienienė (Lithuania)

List of judges can be changed by the show committee.

Venue: Universiteto g. 8 B, LT-53361 Akademija, Kauno r. , Lithuania, Lithuanian University of Agriculture


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