XII National Hunting Breeds Dog Show in Antoninek

Show date: 24 may 2014
Regestration deadline: 04 May 2014
Place: Poland, Antoninek
Club: Polish kennel club (Poznan branch)
Rank: CAC
Tel: 0048 61 855 7414
Entry form, information:

Classes and fees:
  • First dog (with catalog) - 90 PLN
  • Additional dogs (without catalog) - 85 PLN
  • Young puppies, puppies, interchampions (with certificate) and veterans (without catalog)- 50 PLN
  • Polish breeds (without catalog) - 1 PLN
Bank details:
IBAN: PL 62109013590000000102371888

Please indicate the dog (dogs) which payment refers to (breed, name, owner).

It is necessary to submit the copy of the pedigree with dog's owner's name and address for registration.

We don`t accept payments on the show.

Judges of the XII National Hunting Dogs Show in Antoninek

Group 3: Anatoli Zhuk (Belorussia)
Group 4: Aleksander Skrzyński (Poland)
Group 5: Anatoli Zhuk (Belorussia)
Group 6: Agnieszka Paciorek (Poland)
Group 7: Aleksander Skrzyński (Poland)
Group 8: Aleksander Skrzyński (Poland, Anatoli Zhuk (Belorussia)
Group 10: Tadeusz Chwalny (Poland)
Best in Show: Andrzej Mania (Poland)

Venue: Poznań – Antoninek, teren Strzelnicy Myśliwskiej przy ul. Bałtyckiej 79


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