National All Breeds Dog Show in Vilnius

Show date: from 13 september 2014 to 14 september 2014
Regestration deadline: 02 September 2014
Place: Lithuania, Vilnius
Club: VŠMB
Rank: 2xCAC
Tel: +370 5 2788417
Entry form, information:

Entry fees

Till 13.07.2014Till 29.08.2014Till 02.09.2014
First dog (1 show / 2 shows)30/55 EUR40/75 EUR100 EUR
Additional dogs (1 show / 2 shows)25/45 EUR35/65 EUR100 EUR
Puppies and veterans (1 show / 2 shows)20/35 EUR30/55 EUR80 EUR
Champions (1 show / 2 shows)30/55 EUR40/75 EUR100 EUR
Competitions (1 show / 2 shows)10/20 EUR10/20 EUR20 EUR

Competitions include: junior handler, brace couple, breeders group.

To complete registration:
  • fill in entry form;
  • send entry form with copies of pedigree, champion and/or FCI working certificate and payment

If you register by e-mail, you have to receive a confirmation e-mail letter.

Bank details:
SEB Bank, Vilnius
SWIFT: CBVILT2X, b.c.70440
account Nr. LT067044060000291669

The sender must cover all the payment expenses.

13 September 2014

FCI group I - Igoris Zizevskis (Lithuania)
FCI group II - Igoris Zizevskis (Lithuania) and Olga Sinko Kupriyanova (Slovenia)
FCI group III - Hans Lehtinen (Finland)
FCI group IV - Johan J.Juslin (Finlalnd)
FCI group V - Laszlo Erdos (Hungary)
FCI group VI - Laszlo Erdos (Hungary)
FCI group VII - Johan J.Juslin (Finland)
FCI group VIII - Igor Vyguzov (Russia)
FCI group IX - Bronislav Rajic (Slovenia) and Johan J.Juslin (Finland)
FCI group X - Hans Lehtinen (Finland)
Junior handling – Igor Vyguzov (Russia)

14 September 2014

FCI group I - Bronislav Rajic (Slovenia)
FCI group II - Igoris Zizevskis (Lithuania) and Laszlo Erdos (Hungary)
FCI group III - Olga Sinko Kupriyanova (Slovenia)
FCI group IV - Bronislav Rajic (Slovenia)
FCI group V - Johan J.Juslin (Finland)
FCI group VI - Johan J.Juslin (Finland)
FCI group VII - Laszlo Erdos (Hungary)
FCI group VIII - Laszlo Erdos (Hungary)
FCI group IX - Igor Vyguzov (Russia) and Hans Lehtinen (Finland)
FCI group X - Hans Lehtinen (Finland)
Junior handling – Olga Sinko Kupriyanova (Slovenia)

List of judges can be changed by the show committee.
Payment replacements is possible only in case of death of the dog or if the show is cancelled by organizers.
All dogs participating in the show or other competitions must be vaccinated.

Venue: Sport Hall, Žemaitės g.6, Vilnius


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