National Dog Show of III group FCI

Show date: 15 june 2014
Regestration deadline: 10 May 2014
Place: Poland, Krakow
Club: Polish Kennel Club (Krakow branch)
Rank: CAC, Club.Ch
Tel: 8 (10) 48 12 415 97 10, 8 (10) 48 12 415 97 11

Classes and fees:
  • First dog (including Catalogue) - 40 EUR
  • For the next dog (without Catalogue) - 35 EUR
  • Minor Puppy, Puppy class (without Catalogue) - 15 EUR
  • Veteran class (without Catalogue) - 15 EUR
  • International FCI Champions (without Catalogue) 30 EUR
Account for Payments:

Swift PKO PPLPW PL 71124044321978001034975931
Związek Kynologiczny w Polsce Oddział w Krakowie, ul. Żywiecka 36, 30-427 Kraków - Poland

In the payment form please specify, for what kind dog you pay.

You are allowed to enter dogs and bitches of all FCI breeds, which are 3 months old at the day of the show.

Copies of required certificates (for champion and working class), pedigree and other documents (f.e. World and Europe Winner, Club Winner) should be attached to entry form.

Judgeslist of National Dog Show of III group FCI

Katarzyna Turecka (PL)
West Highland White Terrier, Scottish Terrier, Norfolk Terier, Norwich Terier, Bedlington terrier, Cairn Terier, Manchester terrier, Dandie Dinmont Terier, Kerry Blue Terrier Fox Terrier Smooth and Wire, Welsh Terrier, Bull Terrier

Magdalena Kozłowska (PL)

American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Yorkshire Terrier, Sealyham Terier, Airedale terrier, Lakeland terrier, the other breeds of III FCI group

The judges may be changed for reasons beyond the control of the organizers!


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