Regional Dog Show «Moscow Gold-domed – 2016»

Show date: 9 january 2016
Place: Russia, Moscow
Club: «Elitte»
Rank: CAC
Tel: 8-925-514-76-02

«Moscow Gold-domed – 2016»

Rank CAC exhibition - «RKF» being awarded the title of «Champion of Federation OANKOO» - CAC is awarded in each adult class.

Block of 34 mono breed Dog Shows

«Christmas meetings – 2016»

Entry Fees:

For Moscow and Moscow region (the price is for one show):

October - November - 2000/1000 RUB, December -2200/1200 RUB

Discounts 100 RUB while simultaneously recording CAC + MONO

For the region (the price is for one show):

October - November - 1800/800 RUB, December -2000/1000 RUB

Discount RUB 200 while simultaneously recording CAC + MONO

Letters of guarantee: 2500 RUB (juniors and adults), 1250 RUB (baby, puppies).

Veterans - Free, contests - free!

You may enroll in the club, in the office of RKF (RFLS, RWC, OANKOO) or registrars at Dog Shows: 8-916-338-05-42 (Elena, Svetlana), 8-962-919-56-18 (Natalia)

For all additional questions please contact us by e-mail or call the club, or contact us by phone organizers: + 7-925-514-76-02

Judge list:

  • Ramune Kazlauskaite (Lithuania)

  • Maria Ceccarelli (Italy)

  • Maria Teresa Fassio Durando (Italy)

  • Kisliakof A. (Belarus)

  • Kislyakova O. (Belarus)

  • Baklushin G. (Russia)

  • M. Polivanov (Russia)

  • Khomasuridze R. (Russia)

Venue: Moscow, Moscow region., Leninsky district, village eagles, «Levadia» club, Russia


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