Mono-breed Dog Show - German Shepherd

Show date: from 10 may 2014 to 11 may 2014
Regestration deadline: 04 May 2014
Place: Latvia, Jelgava
Club: Latvian German Shepherd Dogs Club
Rank: CAC, Club.Ch
Tel: + 371 29644240, +371 29119907

Mono-breed Dog Show - German Shepherd - online registration

NB! All registrations will be replied by email manually. Please make sure to provide valid email address and receive confirmation email about your registration. In case you are not receiving email about registration, contact us by email


Puppies 4-12 months (4-6, 6-9, 9-12)
Youth 12-18 months (is granted «J CAC» Certificate)
Young dogs 18-24 months
Open class over 24 months (the highest grade «very good»)
Working class over 24 months (is granted «CAC» Certificate)
Veteran class from 8 years old (is granted «VCAC» Certificate)

Please provide the original Pedigree at Show

Open class shows the highest rating «very good»

In working class please provide the following original documents: training score book, breed surway and HD/ED result confirmation

Dogs over the age of 3.5 years – breeding selection of documents


The members LKF organizations 
(except LVASK)
The members FCI organizations
Puppies, veterans15 EUR20 EUR
Junior, youth20 EUR25 EUR
Open, working class25 EUR30 EUR
Tribal selection25 EUR30 EUR

Judge list:
  • Edgar Pertl (AUT)
  • Dzintars Siliņš (LVA) - judge assistant (tribal selection)
Bank details:
Biedrība «Latvijas vācu aitu suņu klubs» 40008067345
Legal adress:Zvejnieku iela 12, Vimbukrogs,
Ķekava, Ķekavas novads, LV-2123
LV 40008067345
Konts LV69HABA0551020311642

Venue: Viesu Līči, Jaunsvirlaukas pagasts


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