International Dog Show «Cup of Friendship - 2014»

Show date: from 14 june 2014 to 15 june 2014
Regestration deadline: 31 March 2014
Place: Russia, Tyumen
Club: Tyumen Regional Association of Animal Lovers
Rank: CACIB, Club.Ch
Tel: 8-904-497-75-05 , 8 (3452) 20-98-59
Entry form, information:


August1350 RUB1250 RUB2500 RUB
September1400 RUB1300 RUB2600 RUB
October1500 RUB1300 RUB2800 RUB
November1600 RUB1400 RUB2900 RUB
December1700 RUB1500 RUB3100 RUB
January1800 RUB1600 RUB3200 RUB
February1900 RUB1700 RUB3300 RUB
March2000 RUB1800 RUB3400 RUB

Payment on the day of the Show expensive for 300 RUB from the last value. 
Contests - 500 RUB, Parade of Champions - 800 RUB. 
Replacing dogs - 200 RUB.

100 RUB -  second one dog owner. Baby, puppies, veterans - 50%; collective registration of more than 10 dogs, members of club - 10%.

Without providing copies of the documents the dog will not sign in the catalog.


14.06.14 (Saturday) - I, II, III, VI, VII, X groups FCI
Mono-breed show: collie, sheltie, doberman, bulldog, schnauzer, Italian Cane Corso, Russian Borzoi.

15.06.14 (Sunday) - IV, V, VIII, IX groups FCI and out of classification
Mono-breed show: dachshunds, shih tzu, Griffons, pug, chihuahua, Russian toy, French bulldog

Judge list:
  • Erodotos Neofytou (Cyprus) 
  • Vitaliy Belskiy (Ukraine) 
  • Milivoje Urosevic (Serbia) 
  • Vitaliy Khizhnyak (Ukraine) 
  • Ildiko Muzslai (Hungary) 
  • J.R. Spagna (Italy) 
  • Cristian Stefanescu (Romania) 
  • R.Khomasuridze (Russia) 
  • A. Belkin (Russia)
Postal transfer sent to:
625000, Tyumen a/ya 915,
Savelyev Sergey Viktorovich
On the reverse side of the postal transfer please write specify information about the dog (nickname, № RKF, stigma, d / p, show class). Name on the postal transfer should be the same as owner's name in the pedigree. In case of no photocopies or pedigree the transfer will be sent back to the owner's expense. Documents and send money at the same time. Without a copy of the certificate champion or working certificate dog will sign in the open class.

Venue: Tyumen, Exhibition Hall (Sevastopol str, 12)


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