International Dog Show «Diamond of Smolensk»

Show date: from 14 june 2014 to 15 june 2014
Regestration deadline: 30 April 2014
Place: Russia, Smolensk
Club: SROO «Patitet»
Rank: CACIB, Club.Ch
Tel: 8-910-711-82-62


1. 01. 2014 - 30. 04. 2014
2000 RUB
(baby, pappies, veterans)
1500 RUB
1500 RUB
(baby, pappies, veterans)
1000 RUB

Competition of pairs, nurseries, manufacturers 500 RUB. 
Competition of Young handler - free.

Team registration :
1. Teams clubs. Save 100 RUB on each dog when registering the group. You must send an official letter by e-mail with a request for registration of the team. For the regular publication of fragments directory, you need to send documents to the organizing committee of registration 1 of each month.
2 . Teams breeders. 100 RUB discount when registering the second and next dogs belonging to the same owner. 100 RUB discount when registering the second and next dogs from one kennel prefix , if you participated in the competition of nurseries.

  • 14.06.14 (Saturday) - 5,6,7,8,9,10 groups FCI, unrecognized breed 
  • 15.06.14 (Sunday) - 1,2,3,4 FCI groups
Mono-breed shows:
  • Pembroke corgi CCW 
  • Rottweiler CW
  • Central Asian Shepherd CCW
  • Alaskan Malamute CCW 
  • American Akita CCW
  • Basenji CW
  • Samoyed dog CCW 
  • Siberian Husky CCW
  • Golden Retriever CCW
  • Labrador Retriever CCW
  • Russian toy CW 
  • Pug CCW
  • Chihuahua CCW
Judge list:
  • Sonia Bellan (Italy)
  • Dorota Witkowska (Poland) 
  • Kim Nielsen (Denmark) 
  • Joanna Szczepańska-Korpetta (Poland)
  • Julia Ovsjannikova (Russia)
  • Zoran Curcic (Serbia)
  • Walter Jungblut (Germany)
  • Erika Stepanauskienė (Lithuania)
To register for the Show please send a blank e-mail to titled «Smolensk Diamond 2014»
and you will receive a reply with the bank details and a link for application list.


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