International Dog Show Österbybruk 2015

Show date: from 30 may 2015 to 31 may 2015
Regestration deadline: 27 April 2015 / 04 May 2015
Place: Sweden, Österbybruk
Club: Uppsala Läns Kennelklubb
Tel: +46 08-795 33 22
Entry form, information:

Online Entry*

*In order to use the online entry the dog has to be in SKKs data base.
 For foreign dogs please send a copy of the registration certificate/pedigree to email a few days before you want to make the entry online.

In case of registration by post, the entry form shall be sent to: 

Uppsala Läns Kennelklubb, c/o Berith Uhlén Svensson, Staborg, Annabovägen 6, S-439 72 Fjärås, Sweden
Please note:
A copy of the registration certificate with complete pedigree must be enclosed together with a copy of payment (checks not acceptable) and working class certificate (WCC) if applicable.

Entry fees:


Before 4.05.2015

Puppy class (6-9 month)

220 SEK

Junior class (9-18 month)

360 SEK

Intermediate class (15-24 month)

360 SEK

Working class (15 month)

360 SEK

Open class (15 month)

360 SEK

Champion class (15 month)

360 SEK

Veteran class (8 years)

270 SEK

Junior handling125 SEK

Bank Details:
Please pay the entry fee via SWIFT to our IBAN account number SE82 9500 0099 6034 0108 8293, Nordea, Sweden. SWIFT address: NDEASESS
Payment receipts must indicate the name of the dog, registration number and owner. Payment must reach Uppsala Läns Kennelklubb by last entry date

Venue: Österbybruks Herrgård Herrgårdsvägen 74832 Östhammar


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