International Dog Show «Ural Dawns»

Show date: from 13 august 2016 to 14 august 2016
Place: Russia, Chelyabinsk
Club: Chelyabinsk Kennel Club
Tel: 8 (351) 791-19-20

International Dog Show of all breeds with awarding titles CACIB-FCI \ CAC-RKF «Ural Dawns»

Memorial named V.I. Pyatsheva


Entry Fees:

Rank exhibition



САСIB + Mono

December 2015 – January 2016

1900 RUB

1700 RUB

3400 RUB

Baby, puppies and veterans

1500 RUB

1300 RUB

2600 RUB

Discount from the second dog of one owner - 100 RUB (except classes: baby, puppy, veterans).

Replacing the dogs of one owner - 200 RUB, replacing dogs of different owners - to supplement the cost of the registration on the day of the change (at least 200 RUB).

When collective registration of more than 10 dogs with 10% discount (need to fill in the e-mail. Form application form).

Advertising in the exhibition catalog: 1 sheet - 500 RUB. Advertising is accepted only in electronic form ready.

Price competition (except for the contest «Young handler») - 300 RUB. Record all competitions only preliminary.


Bank details:

Chelyabinsk regional public organization of amateur breeders

TIN 7447005555 CAT 744701001

Сurrent account 40703810007180010373 in the Kalinin branch of «Chelindbank»

BIC 047501711

Offsetting account 30101810400000000711

OKPO 21489933

OKONH 91700

BIN 1027400000814

Maps of Sberbank №№: 4276872089006630 or 5469720010622476

Judge list:

  • Kairovik Vladimir (Serbia)

  • Francisco Rodriguez Ruiz (Spain)

  • Viva Maria Soletskogo-Shpunar (Poland)

  • Stepinski Andrzej (Poland)

  • Azen Irina (Belarus)

  • Kuplyauskas Evgeny (Russia)


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