International Dog Show «Autumn - 2014»

Show date: 7 september 2014
Regestration deadline: 07 August 2014
Place: Belarus, Minsk
Club: Belorussian Cynological Union
Rank: CAC, 2xCACIB
Tel: +375-17-306-05-95, +375-17-306-31-64

Judges List of the International Dog Show in Minsk 7 September 2014:

  1. Frank Kane (United Kingdom)
  2. Marie Petersen (Denmark)
  3. Karl-Erik Johansson (Sweden)
  4. Walter Jungblut (Germany)
  5. Ramune Kazlauskaite (Lithuania)
  6. Dagmar Klein (Romania)
  7. Dmilivoje Urosevic (Serbia)
  8. Barbosov Kirill (Russia)
  9. Bondar Zhanna (Belarus)
To the entry from please attach a copy of dog’s pedigree, certificate (for working or champion class) and receipt of payment.

Information about Entry and Required Documents:

  • A copy of the pedigree for a dog that is registered for the exhibition
  • A copy of the certificate the Champion of the country and / or a copy of the diplom work
  • At both exhibitions applied one package of documents (sm. entry form)
  • When you register for e-mail size of one file can not exceed an Mb
  • To participate in the competitions of the exhibition the dog must be registered on this show and get a positive assessment
  • Replacement of one dog to another is prohibited during the entire time of registration
  • Without a champion, a certificate or diploma working dog is registered only in OPEN CLASS
  • To register for the contest «Junior Handler» should provide a copy of a birth certificate or passport. (Age of the participant «Junior Handler» - a younger group of 9-12 years, the older group of 13-17 years
  • The organizers reserve the right to replace the expert
Bank details for foreign nationals (only in euros):
UPO "Belorussian Cynological Union"
r / s 3135003923016 in Minsk branch of the "Central" of "BANK BELVEB", Minsk,

In the purpose of payment to indicate: "Financial assistance for general expenses".

WARNING! When transferring funds from foreign nationals need to fill in the cover letter to read it and send it by fax: +375-17-306-05-95:


I (name), sent (a) to the UPO "Belorussian Cynological Union" __________ (amount) Euro (ross. rub.) As you provide financial assistance for its administrative needs.

_______________ (Name) ______________________ (Signature)

Venue: Belarus, Minsk, Dauman, sports complex Dynamo


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