Hunting Dogs National Show

Show date: 18 october 2014
Regestration deadline: 03 October 2014
Place: Poland, Spala
Club: Polish Kennel Club (Łódź branch)
Rank: CAC
Tel: (48) 42-637-66-00

Online Registration on Hunting Dogs Show in Spała 2014

Classes and fees:
  • For the first dog (with Catalogue) 90 PLN
  • For every additional dog (without Catalogue) 80 PLN
  • Minor puppy, puppy and veteran class 50 PLN
  • Dogs with CIB or CIE title 50 PLN
  • Polish Breeds (without Catalogue) 1,23 PLN
  • Best Couple, Best Breeding Group Competitions free of charge 
Paid after 03.10.2014 and at the show 130 PLN for every dog.

Bank details:
Name of the recipient: ZKwP Oddział Łódź, Aleja Kościuszki 48, 90-427 Łódź, Poland

Account number of the recipient:
IBAN: PL 35 1240 303 11111 0000 3426 6805

Bank address:
Bank Polska Kasa Opieki SA, VI O/Łódź, ul. Nawrot 9/11, 90-060 Łódź

Only whole amount of the entry fees contained in the price list can be accepted.
We cannot take over the bank transfer costs.

Judges List:
FCI IIILeszek Siejkowski (PL) Section 1,2
FCI IVLeszek Siejkowski (PL) all breeds            
FCI VLeszek Siejkowski (PL) Section 2 (northern hunting dogs)
Section 7 (primitive dogs)
Section 8
FCI VIJadwiga Niciewicz (PL)
FCI VIIJadwiga Niciewicz (PL)
Leszek Siejkowski (PL)
FCI VIIIStanisław Abłamowicz (PL)
FCI XLeszek Siejkowski (PL)

Venue: Spała, Poland


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