International Dog Show in Kristiansand 2016

Show date: from 12 march 2016 to 13 march 2016
Regestration deadline: 12 February 2016 / 23 February 2016
Place: Norway, Kristiansand
Club: Norsk Kennel Klub
Entry form, information:
Results: 12-13 March 2016

Entry fees with member discount:

    он-лайн (1 срок)
  по почте
  он-лайн (2 срок)
  Junior handling   NOK 350   NOK 410   NOK 440
 1st and 2d dog
  NOK 375   NOK 440   NOK 475

Entry fees without member discount:

    on-line (1 deadline)
  по почте
  on-line (2 deadline)
  Junior handling   NOK 700   NOK 820   NOK 880
  1st and 2d dog   NOK 750   NOK 880   NOK 950

The fees are given with 50% member discount. Non-members pay full price. To get the member discount for dog shows the owner must be a member of NKK (through a cooperative working breed/dog club), or a member of a foreign cooperative organization.

From and including the third entered dog from the same registered owner, half the fee is charged. The discount is calculated from the lowest fees. To get the discount, all dogs must be entered in one transaction. Dogs that are entered at a later stage will not get the discount. To achieve a discount the payment must be received by NKK before the deadline expires.

Bank Details

DNB, P.b. 1172 Sentrum, N- 0107 Oslo

IBAN: NO3516004039983  Swift: DNBANOKKXXX


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