«Your Bright Start with Hills 2016» organizer Kennel Club «Russian Standard»

Show date: 24 january 2016
Place: Russia, Moscow
Club: Kennel Club «Russian Standard»
Rank: 2xCAC
Tel: 8 (903) 571-28-22

Entry Fees:

From 01.11.15 to 15.11.15


Dog Shows CAC

Mono Breed Dog Shows CW, CCC

National Mono Breed Dog Shows Club.Ch

Certificate classes

1600 RUB

1700 RUB

1800 RUB

Baby, puppies and veterans

1500 RUB

1500 RUB

1500 RUB

 Judges list:

  • Larisa Kizina (Russia)

  • Oleg Vasiliev (Russia)

  • Natalya Leonova (Russia)

Venue: Moscow, 5th Beam rides, 7/1, Sokolniki, Pavilion 2, Russia


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