All-Russia All Breed Dog Show Saint Petersburg 2015

Show date: 26 september 2015
Place: Russia, St. Petersburg
Club: «KAS»
Rank: CAC
Tel: (812) 591-56-84, (812) 713-02-95
Entry form, information:

Entry Fee:


Till  31.08.2015

Till  22.09.2015

According to the letter of guarantee

Certificate classes

1300 RUB

1500 RUB

2000 RUB

Baby, puppies and veterans

800 RUB

800 RUB

1000 RUB


200 RUB

200 RUB

200 RUB

«Junior Handler» Competition will not be


Judge list:

  • Elena Kukoleva (Saratov)

  • Tatiana Revina (Saratov)

  • Mikhail Sivakov (Saint Petersburg)

Venue: Saint Petersburg, Lahti, Lahti Prospect 85, Exhibition Center «Garden City», Russia


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