List of the Dog Shows in Lithuania 2015

List of the Dog Shows Lithuania 2015 (updated) / Add Dog Show

DateName of the ShowPlace

24.01.15 International dog show «Kaunas Winter - 2015» Kaunas
25.01.15 International dog show «Kika Cup - 2015» Kaunas

21.02.15National dog show «Aukstaitija winter - 2015»Panevezys
22.02.15National dog show «Panevezys Cup - 2015»Panevezys

06.03.15Mono-breed Dog Show «Chihuahua Club Show - 2015»Vilnius
06.03.155 th Speciality Dog Show «Dachshund Club Winner - 2015»Vilnius
06.03.15Club Show for French Bulldogs and Pugs «Club Winner 2015»Vilnius
07.03.15 International dog show «Lithuanian Winner - 2015» Vilnius
08.03.15 International dog show «Vilnus Cup - 2015» Vilnius
18-19.04.15National Dog Shows 2xCAC SiauliaiSiauliai
25.04.15Hunting dog Show VilniusVilnius

09.05.15National Dog Show JonavaJonava
09-10.05.15Samoyed Club Show in JonavaJonava
16.05.15Lithuanian Hunting Dog Show in KlaipedaKlaipeda
22.05.15Bird Hunting Dog ShowMoletai
22.05.15English Bulldog Club ShowMoletai
22.05.15Beagle Club ShowMoletai
22.05.15Great Dane Club ShowMoletai
22.05.15Caucasian Shepherd and Central Asian Shepherd Club ShowMoletai
22.05.15Companion and Toy Dogs ShowMoletai
23.05.15 International dog show «Aukstaitija Summer - 2015» Moletai
24.05.15 International dog show «Moletai Cup -2015» Moletai
30-31.05.15National Dog Show BirştonasBirştonas

06-07.06.15National Dog Show 2xCAC KaunasKaunas
13-14.06.15National Dog Show 2xCAC PalangaPalanga
21.06.15National Dog Show MarijampoleMarijampole
27-28.06.15National Dog Show 2xCAC RusneRusne
04.07.15XVIII National Dog Show PlungePlunge
05.07.15National Dog Show «Amber Zemaitija - 2015»Plunge
18-19.07.15National Dog Show 2xCAC UkmergeUkmerge
25.07.15Speciality Sighthound Show «Cup Of Amber Sighthound»Klaipeda
07.08.15 International dog show «Dzukija Summer - 2015» Druskininkai
08.08.15 International dog show«Druskininkai Cup - 2015» Druskininkai
09.08.15International Dog Show «Druskininkai - 2015»Druskininkai
15-16.08.15National Dog Show 2xCAC ŠakiaiŠakiai
22-23.08.15National Dog Show 2xCAC ŠalčininkaiŠalčininkai
29.08.15National Lithuanian Hound Show in BaisiogalaBaisiogala
12-13.09.15National Dog Show 2xCAC VilniusVilnius
19-20.09.15National Dog Show 2xCAC KaunasKaunas
11.10.15National Dog Show ŠiauliaiŠiauliai
24-25.10.15National Dog Show 2xCAC PanevėžysPanevėžys
07-08.11.15National Dog Show 2xCAC KaunasKaunas
22.11.15National Dog Show KėdainiaiKėdainiai

19.12.15 International dog show «Vilnus Winner - 2015» Vilnius
20.12.15 International dog show «Christmas Cup - 2015» Vilnius