List of the Dog Shows in Estonia 2015

List of the Dog Shows Estonia2015 (updated) / Add Dog Show

DateCityDog Show
10-11.01.15TartuAll Breeds Dog Show
17-18.01.15HarjumaaSpeciality Show for German Shepherd Dogs
17.01.15VaimastvereShow for Groups VIII and IX
18.01.15VaimastvereShow for Groups VIII and IX
24-25.01.15NarvaNational Dog Show «Narva Winter Cup 2015»
31.01.15TallinnSpeciality Show for Tibetan Breeds
01.02.15TallinnSpeciality Show for Italian Corso Dogs
01.02.15TallinnMastiff XVII speciality Show «Mastiff the Winner»
01.02.15TallinnSpeciality Show for Mastiff Breeds
14.02.15TallinnSpeciality Show for Golden Retrievers within Show for Groups VIII and IX
14.02.15TallinnSpeciality Show for Terriers
14.02.15TallinnShow For Groups VIII and IX
14-15.02.15TallinnInternational Dog Show «Tallinn Winter Cup 2015»
15.02.15HarjumaaSpeciality Show for Newfoundlands
15.02.15TallinnSpeciality Show for Samoyeds
21-22.02.15TartuShow for Group IX
28.02.15TallinnAll Breeds Show
01.03.15TallinnAll Breeds Show
11-12.04.15TallinnInternational Dog Show «Tallinn Winner 2015»
18-19.04.15NarvaRepublican Show «Narva Dog Show - 2015»
01.05.15PärnuSpeciality Show for Swiss Mountain and Cattle Dogs
02-03.05.15HarjumaaSpeciality Show for German Shepherd Dogs
02-03.05.15RakvereNational Dog Show Rakvere
09.05.15Järva mkSpeciality Show for Hunting Breeds
16.05.15HarjumaaShow for Group IX
16.05.15TallinnSpeciality Show for Do-Khyi (Tibetan Mastiff)
16.05.15TallinnSpeciality Show for Central Asian and Caucasian Shepherd Dogs
16.05.15HarjumaaSpeciality Show for Cavalier King Charles Spaniel within the Show for Group IX
17.05.15HarjumaaShow for Group IX
29.05.15HarjumaaSpeciality Show for Irish Wolfhounds and Deerhounds
29.05.15TallinnSpeciality Show for Labrador Retrievers within the Show for Groups VIII and IX
29.05.15TallinnShow for Groups VIII and IX
30.05.15TallinnShow for Groups VII and X
30.05.15TallinnSpeciality Show for Retrievers
30.05.15TallinnSpeciality Show for Poodles
30-31.05.15TallinnInternational Dog Show «Estonian Winner 2015»
30.05.15HarjumaaSpeciality Show for Chihuahuas
30.05.15HarjumaaSpeciality Show for French Herding and Cattle Dogs
31.05.15TallinnSpeciality Show for Dobermanns
31.05.15SakuSpeciality Show for Newfoundlands
31.05.15HarjumaaSpeciality Show for Schnauzers
31.05.15TallinnSpeciality Show for Jack Russell Terriers
31.05.15HarjumaaShow for Group VI
31.05.15HarjumaaSpeciality Show for Nordic Sledge Dogs
31.05.15HarjumaaSpeciality Show for Rottweilers
06.06.15MaarduSpeciality Show FCI group III
20.06.15HarjumaaAll Breeds Show
21.06.15HarjumaaShow for Groups V and X
21.06.15HarjumaaShow for Groups I, II and IX
27-28.06.15TallinnNational Dog Shows Tallinn 2xCAC
03.07.15PärnuSpeciality Show for Australian Cattle Dogs within Show for Group I
03.07.15PärnuShow for Groups V and IX
03.07.15PärnuShow for Group I
04-05.07.15PärnuInternational Dog Show Parnu 2xCACIB
11-12.07.15HarjumaaSpeciality Show for German Shepherd Dogs
11.07.15TartuGolden Retrievers Club Show
11.07.15HarjumaaSpeciality Show for Welsh Corgies (Pembroke, Cardigan)
11.07.15Põlva mkSpeciality Show for Golden Retrievers
11-12.07.15TartuSpeciality Show for Boxers
18-19.07.15Tartu mkNational Dog Shows Tartu
25.07.15Tartu mkShow for Groups V and VIII
01-02.08.15Tartu mkNational Dog Show Tartu
08-09.08.15Võru mkNational Dog Show Võru
15-16.08.15HarjumaaSpeciality Show for German Shepherd Dogs
15-16.08.15TartuShow for Group VIII and IX
21.08.15HarjumaaSpeciality Show for Labrador Retrievers and Flat-coated Retrievers
21.08.15HarjumaaSpeciality Show for Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, Pugs and Boston Terriers «Baltic Bulldog 2015»
21.08.15TallinnShow for Groups VI and VII
22.-23.08.15TallinnInternational Dog Show «Baltic Winner 2015» with CRUFTS qualification 2016
22.08.15TallinnShow for Group IX
22.08.15Rapla mkSpeciality Show for Setters
22.08.15TallinnSpeciality Show for Retrievers
23.08.15TallinnSpeciality Show for Terriers
23.08.15HarjumaaSpeciality Show for Siberian Huskies, Samoyeds and Greenland Dogs
23.08.15HarjumaaSpeciality Show for Alaskan Malamutes
23.08.15TallinnSpeciality Show for Bernese Mountain Dogs
23.08.15HarjumaaSpeciality Show for Schnauzers
23.08.15HarjumaaSpeciality Show for Basenjis
23.08.15HarjumaaSpeciality Show for St. Bernard Dogs
23.08.15HarjumaaSpeciality Show for Leonbergers
29-30.08.15HaapsaluNational Dog Show Haapsalu 2xCAC
05.09.15TallinnNational Dog Shows Tallinn
06.09.15TallinnShow for Groups II and IX
06.09.15PaideShow for Group III
06.09.15HarjumaaSpeciality Show for Siberian Huskies
26-27.09.15TallinnNational Dog Shows Tallinn
17-18.10.15RakvereNational Dog Shows Rakvere 2xCAC
07-08.11.15TartuInternational Dog Show Tartu
28-29.11.15NarvaNational Dog Show Narva