International Cat Show «World Cat»

Show date: from 28 february 2015 to 1 march 2015
Regestration deadline: 26 February 2015
Place: Vanuatu, Moscow
System Jud: WCF
Club: KLK "Leoruss"
Region: Europe
Rank: CAC
License №: 154010
Tel: +7(4732) 27-16-00, +7-920-211-68-88, Viber: +7-920-211-68-88

On-line registration to the International exhibition "Cat World"

  • Tomoko Vlach, AB WCF (Austria)
  • Kurt Vlach, AB WCF (Austria)
  • Elna Butomova, AB WCF (Russia, Saint-Petersburg)
Classes and Fees:

Class up to  31.12.2014up to 25.01.2015up to 25.02.2015

Adults (SAC-CACM)

2500 rubles

2700 rubles2900 rubles

Castrate, Kittens, Juniors, Litters

2300 rubles

2500 rubles2700 rubles

Veterans? Domestic cats, World champion

2000 rubles

2000 rubles2000 rubles

Monobreed show 

500 rubles


600 rubles

There will be a free show:

«Solid-color» (for cats solid colors)
«Tortie Colours-Show» (tortoiseshell cat)

Payment details:

Venue: Voronezh, Park Street 3, City Park "GRAD"


Show location:
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