International Cat Show «Kitties»

Show date: from 4 april 2015 to 5 april 2015
Place: Vanuatu, Tver
System Jud: WCF
Club: «Alpha Сat»
Region: Europe, ER-050
License №: 151024
Tel: 8-910-648-07-67

On-line registration on international Cat Show «Kitties»

Entry Fees:

One day - minus 300 rubles

Show classes

The contribution for two days

Cover class (10 months.) Litters

2800 rub.

Class of kittens (3-6 months.), Juniors (6-10 months.)

2700 rub.

Neuters, domestic cats

2000 rub.

Kittens for sale to the exhibitor animal (no more than 3 kittens in a cage)

1000 rub. (for club members - free)

500 rub.

500 rub.

WCF - rings

Mono-breed Show (when recruiting 10 participants)

Judge list:

  • Ludmila Makarova (AB WCF, Moscow)
  • Elena Butomova (AB WCF, of St. Petersburg)
  • Svetlana Vlasenko (SH / SOSH WCF, Tver)


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