Gemma Sankey MPAACT (PETbc)

Дрессировщик Gemma Sankey MPAACT (PETbc)
Отношение к собаке
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Оценок 2
Стаж:> 20
Тариф:Price on application
Тип Дрессировки:Управляемая городская собака (УГС), Коррекция поведения собак, Общий курс дрессировки, Дрессировка на защиту, Подготовка служебных собак
Выезд на дом:Да
Обо мне:Gemma Sankey MPAACT (PETbc) Take the Lead Dog & Horse Psychologist & Behaviourist Specialist in dog aggression Dog & Horse psychological & behavioural Nutritionist 31 years' experience Covering the South West of England


John Smith10.10.2018
This woman is a fraud and a thief. She does not have the qualifications she claims (see Advertising Standards Authority ruling She is now under investigation by the police for stealing a dog by using fraudulent claims - she attended a client's home - she said the dog was really aggressive (it just barks at strangers entering the home), then told the poor distressed owner she had the authority to seize the dog and still charged her £750! Luckily the police have taken the dog back and returned it, but she tried the same again on someone else just a couple of days later. Check out for the public backlash against her latest outrage. Avoid at all costs!!
Jane Beck10.10.2018
Avoid this woman, she does not have the qualifications she states and was investigated by the ASA and told to remove all qualifications, she stole a dog through deception last week which has just been recovered by police and she tried to steal another yesterday.