Порода: Кавказская овчарка
Домашняя кличка:Klaus
Дата рождения:10.02.2018
Родители:Bastion Kavkaza Triumf , Ya-Rasha de Marcus
Питомник:Russtil K.O.
Заводчик:Marian Stanga
Сертификаты здоровья:
             We are caucasian dog breeders and almost the time we stay with our doggies; When they come in our world, we are there, take care of them and their mothers, help them to birth,to have care of their puppies.
             We are there when they start to eat first time from the mother's milk and when they grow, we think  long time if the future family is the right one for them.
         Some times we keep them much longer, because we want all the best for our puppies; we want the perfect family for they.
              Manny told us that we are crazy and asked... "Why we do this???"
                   Our answer:  Because we are breeders and that only a true breeder do it and will do, but most important thing it is: we do this because they are our love, our passion, our friends, our life.