Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback
Owner: message
Home name:Agar
Birth date:19.01.2012
Parents:Chitonga Gombe , Habeebah Asilia Lowenschwanz
Breeder:Akos Toth
Colour:red wheaten
Health certificates:HD A/A, ED 0/0, OCD: neg., LTV 0, L7 normal, spondylosis neg., DCM or acquired heart disease : no evidence (neg.), DM: N/N, B locus: B/B, D locus: D/D, Thyroid gland: NORMAL neg., JME: CLEAR
INTERCHAMPION, Champion Slovakia, Grand Champion Slovakia, Champion SKJ Slovak Kennel club), Champion SKCHR (Slovak RR club), Champion Hungaria, Grand Champion Hungaria, Show Champion Hungaria, Champion Austria, Champion Poland, Champion Slovenia, Champion Croatia, Champion Serbia, Champion Bosna and Herzegovina, Champion Romania, Champion Bulgaria, Junior Champion Czech, Junior Champion Hungaria

BEST RR SKCHR 2016, Champion of year 2016 SKCHR, Champion of year 2015 SKCHR, 1st place SLOVAKIA DOG CUP 2016, 1st place SLOVAKIA DOG CUP 2015, 2nd place BEST DOG VI.FCI GROUP 2016, Victory Winner, Club winner Slovenia BISS, Victory Junior winner, Winner of Slovakia, Hungary derby winner, multi BOB, multi BIG, multi BIS