Interview with FCI expert Shamil Abrakimov

Interview with FCI expert Shamil Abrakimov

Shamil Abrakimov (Moscow) – Russian CACIB INT expert, owner of the kennel «Ist Shain», nowadays is the breeder of the Deutscher Boxer.

We encountered Shamil Abrakimov 27th of July 2014 at the Regional Dog Show «Constellation of dogs» (Gurievsk, Kaliningrad region, Russia).

How does the weather influence the behavior of the dog in the ring? [on the day of the show it was +32 C]

It’s really hard… for both dogs and people. In such weather you have to be very attentive because surface is too hot and it is very difficult for a dog to show itself properly. Everything depends on dogs’ training and how it walks. Especially difficult such conditions are for small breeds.

But in general the place is very good, very green, which helped people and dogs to stay in good form.

Will you participate in World Championship 2014 in Finland? 

Yes, this year I will go there as a handler to show my own dogs.

You used to be the breeder of American Cocker Spaniels and what dogs you have now?

I spent 25 year on American Cocker Spaniels, but today it’s too difficult for me to maintain this breed as it needs a lot of grooming. So more than for 10 years already I have Deutscher Boxers and my wife has French Bulldogs.

Tell me more about your pets.

I have 3 or 4 French Bulldogs and 7 Deutscher Boxers, I am the owner of the kennel.

You are also an FCI-expert. How you started and how long ago? 

I’ve been an expert since 1991. Everything began in my childhood: I went to DOSAAF school, studied one year for a cynologist (of course it was in time of the Soviet Union), than I was judging sport, then judging breeds…institute plus 5 years of probation to open my first breed.

What is your «style» of judging?

I base on dogs’ anatomy, structure, movements and how pedigreed the head is.

Do you pay attention on what handler does?

No, not really. Earlier everything was important, but today experts try to pay more attention on the dog itself. For example, today in the show participated a very good dog – the American Cocker Spaniel – but it wasn’t showed properly. The judge tried its best and finally gave this dog 2d place in a group. And it is a very good evaluation for a beautiful dog.

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