Grand-Prix Royal Canin 2016: the second day and distribution of awards to champions

The best cats in the world were identified on 4 December 2016 according to the results of two days of the show. During one hour, from half past six to half past seven pm, everyone in the hall was watching transfixed the final of Grand-Prix, but before that there had been the entire day of the show and many interesting things had happened  in that period.

On the second day we had more free time so we visited mounts and interactive platforms.

The biggest mounts, obviously, had the organizers, Royal Canin and the company Eukanuba. There breeders could arrange special programs, all guests of the show were presented with food for their pets as well as could take a break at a table and get some coffee.

Among definitely interesting exhibitioners it’s also worth to mention the platforms of two cat-café. «Cats and people», the first Moscow cat-café, offers an opportunity to go into an enclosed area in order to hang out with cats and, if desired, to adopt one of them. «Cats and people» isn’t just the café, but it’s also some sort of a social project, whose goal is to find a new home for cats which live there. Soon its owners will mark the anniversary: one hundred re-homed cats! This is a really, really good number, considering fairly young age of the café.

The second café is a completely different project, although it also offers a chance to have a cup of coffee in the company of tailed friends. But it isn’t about placing animals in new homes since all fifteen cats of this cat-café are pedigreed animals which were acquired by its owners specifically for their project and live on the territory of the cat-club (this is the more appropriate term for this place). In addition to the café, it also offers an opportunity to do yoga with these cats and to see films on the big screen with your pet. The place of the cats’ residence is chosen randomly. And at the show «Cat mania» served around great coffee and brand chocolate with the images of various cats, and by the end of day two it has adopted two more kittens and expanded its population.

There was a special area with games, master classes and other informative occupations for children. Royal Canin presented gifts in the form of puzzles with the images of different cat breeds to all guests of children’s area.

At the end of the day the highlight of the show has finally come – the presentation of Grand-Prix Royal-Canine on the main ring.

One animal of each federation in three nominations – kittens, neutered and adult animals – was nominated for Grand-Prix. Kittens were represented by six animals, but there were only five specimens presented among neutered and adult animals since both groups had the animal which was nominated simultaneously by two federations.

Author: Alena Morgunovskaya



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