Russia is a cat country! – claims the head of Royal Canin RUS

Interview with Svetlana Obruchkova, the head of Royal Canine in Russia, who had come for the official opening ceremony of the show.

Good afternoon, we represent an international club and offer our information material to animal lovers in different countries.

Tells us please in a nutshell how did you come up with an idea to make a show in just such a format in which all federations can provide an assessment in parallel? And what benefits does it bring to a pet owner?

- It wasn’t my idea but rather the project of former management and, of course, the team, which still exists. Those people, who have organized all this, still work in our company.

And the first feature is that Russia is a cat-loving country. Unofficial statistics estimates the feline population to be as high as 30 million cats while there are only from 18 to 19 million dogs. That’s why this is a cat-loving country in the first place, but globally all other countries are much more dog-oriented. And secondly dog breeding in Russia is better organized than cat breeding since there is the Russian Canine Federation.

But there are also several others canine organisations…

- Well, the Russian Canine Federation is the branch of the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale), it can issue official breed certificates, pedigrees and organizes such dog shows as «Russia» and «Eurasia».

This year they have also hosted the «WDS».

- Yes, they’ve been the organizers of this global show which has been held in 2016. And this organization unites and organizes dog breeders. Unfortunately there is no such one single organization that would unite all cat breeders. That’s why such an idea came to us to make a large show which would integrate six felinological standards.

Each owner has a chance to get six grades by visiting only one event.

- Yes. Moreover, dog owners have stationary official clubs and cat owners don’t have them. They have to meet somewhere there and should be able to properly organize themselves, which makes things more difficult for them. And since we want to unite animal lovers and we care about pets’ health, we unite them at this show.

While in contrast to dog shows, as far as I know, both neutered and sterilized animals are allowed to participate here.

Yes, I’ll have it checked. They have entered the rings.

- Yes, from what I know, acquaintances who had sterilized their animal have been no longer admitted to enter certain rings. So they can take part only in some rings.

And where are the involved judges from? Are they from the nearest countries?

- They are from different countries including Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and the US.

Does Royal Canine plan to make something like that in other countries as well? Or will it remain such an original «visit card» of Russia?

- This is the thing of Russia, although there are also shows in other countries. In France, as far as I can tell, such shows are held as well.

Thank you very much for the interview.

- Thank you too.



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