«If the dog has not good ears it is not a Frenchie for me», - Victor Alexander van Raamsdonk

Victor Alexander Van RaamsdonkWe interviewed the famous French Bulldogs’ breeder, FCI expert of Groups II, III, IX, who more than 20 years is a head of Holland French Bulldog Club and for some time already the Holland Boston Terrier Club, the honorable member of the Austrian French Bulldog Club - Victor Alexander Van Raamsdonk.

Is it acceptable to breed French Bulldogs of chocolate and blue colour? Are there genetic effects?

  I know that there are effects in the blue colour, with chocolate I don’t know, but I am against it because I don’t like it. The blue colour is, of course, dangerous because with this colour genetic problems are coming.

At what age one should start showing the French Bulldog?

  I like when they start early because Frenchies have to learn it very early. So I am the person who likes when puppies are coming on the show. I like it very very much.

Female French Bulldogs have to be longer than males, is it true?

  Yes, I think that it is not necessary that a French Bulldog female is too short because it is not good for developing of puppies.

In your opinion what is better for a female French Bulldog - to deliver herself or the artificial delivery (cesarean operation)?

I think that if she can do it naturally it is, of course, better, but as you can see in this breed it is not so common. The first cesarean of the Frenchie was in 1915 in Vienna, so it was short after the invention of the breed. But I am the person who always tries to let them out in a natural way.

When you usually choose the best puppy from the set?

Not when they are wet, when they are born. I wait long because many things can change and I like to choose when a puppy is 9-10 weeks old.

At what age you can see that this is a show dog?

To see that you have to wait longer. So really to know that this is a show dog and everything is ok the dog has to be at least 3 months.

Some breeders keep their French Bulldogs apart from them: in a different room, cages, or in a different building (like barn). But this is a companion dog that needs a human companionship. So what do you think about these practices?

I don’t think that it is good. I think that the Frenchie loves company and affection and I think that it is not good for Frenchies to keep them alone. They like love from a human being so the separation is not good.

What is the most important quality for a French Bulldog for you when you evaluate dogs in a ring?

For me ear carriage is very important, then the front and what I like also very much, but I don’t see it so often any more is the topline and the roach. But ears are for me the most important, because when dog has not good ears it is not a Frenchie for me. I have to choose a strong dog with a good strong front and not dogs that are staying in the ring poor.

What is for you is most important - the dog itself or the handling of the dog?

For me the most important thing is the type of the dog, size and balance. You must look at the dog because it is the DOG Show. What I would like to say what I saw in Russia and in the USA that handlers are running too quickly, too hard with Frenchies. They are not Salukies… You have to show in the ring the normal movement and not running what many winning dogs do and I don’t like it.



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