The Puli is remarkable for the interesting structure of its coat

The Golden Collar, 24.12.2016 Puli photo

An interview with the owner of two pedigreed Pulis, who plans to become a breeder in the near future. Her name is Maria and her dogs’ names are Oyda and Tsofa.

The Puli is remarkable for the interesting structure of its coat. We were just about to ask how difficult is it to work with such a dog? I mean, the owner must monitor the state of its coat since puppyhood, mustn’t he?

- The primary work with the Puli’s coat begins when the dog attains the age between 8 months and a year. In case of my dogs this period coincided with their first estrus which happened at the age of 8 months. You should manually work out the coat before and after bathing the dogs. You should bath them 4 times within 2 months. Since at this point lots of fluff appears in the dog’s hair and when you go through it…

You can form these very dreadlocks, can’t you?

- You put in place the thickness and shape of a dreadlock. After that the dreadlock starts growing in its own direction, so to speak. And you keep forming it by separating at the basis. It’s actually all coat care which this dog needs.

By what age does the coat structure form entirely?

- It’s believed that the period between 2,5 and 3 years old is the very height of its development. But right now the coat of my white bitch (it’s three years old) hasn’t yet reached the floor. In fact you let it grow until it reaches the floor. And then you start trimming it so it won’t sweep the floor. But it’s generally considered that by the age of 2,5 to 3 years old the dog has already fully formed.

Пули фото
Puli photo © petolog

Does such a heavy coat cause any skin problems?

- There aren’t any problems. I wouldn’t even say that my white bitch provokes allergic reactions.

What kind of character does the Puli have? It’s a herding dog in the first place. Does it continue performing its breed functions somewhere?

- Yes, I train them to herd sheep. They are certified shepherds and now we are training them to pass an access. A test we have already passed. We should pass the access as well in order to have the right to participate in competitions.

Are you saying that such competitions are held in Russia too? And, as I understand, they are organized at both Russian and international levels, aren’t they?

- Yes. They are specifically for herding dogs. There pulis as well as other herding dogs can participate. Pulis also excel in agility.

Are they very mobile?

- Yes, they are really agile. I can’t even keep up with them. They run faster than me.

And what kind of health do they have in general?

- I think that they have perfect health. At least I haven’t yet faced any problems in this area.

Are you saying that they don’t have any specific health issues?

- Yes, there aren’t any particular problems.

Have you already won any awards at the show?

We’ve received the title of the best breed specimen.



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