Pickles – the giant cat dubbed «Catasaurus Rex»

Pickles – the giant cat dubbed «Catasaurus Rex» Andrew Milicia and Emily Zarvos are now happy owners of Pickles – an enormous feline nicknamed «Catasaurus Rex».

The Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals posted on their website a photo of this moggy that became an Internet hit. Andrew and his girlfriend Emily were selected from around 50 participants.

It was «a love from the first sight» and a three-year-old cat finally found its home in Boston. Pickles is 91,44 long, weights 9,5 kg and is bigger than some dogs. It might be a part of a Maine Coon breed – one of the largest among domestic cats.

The biggest problem is that Pickles is very clumsy and doesn’t its big size. He still behaves like a kitten and keeps knocking things all the time. It’s also not easy to pick him up and needs much more food than most cats.

However, the couple has no plans to take Pickles back as it has become an absolute member of the family and makes them happy every day.

Pickles - the giant cat

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