Dogs can transmit cancer to other canines and canids

When we talk about cancer dogs are unique. They and Tasmanian devils are the only two animal species that can transmit it from one individual to another.

Besides, the according to a new genetic study the cancer, which causes genital tumours in dogs and is spread by sexual contact, is 11 000 years old. There's evidence of cancer that is millions of years old - cancer in dinosaurs. But the canine's cancer is the oldest known that is still alive.

The Tasmanian devil cancer is very aggressive, spread by biting, and it threatens the devils with extinction. The canine cancer spreads can be cured with chemotherapy.

The studies of the XX century show us that dog tumour grow in other canid species, including coyotes and jackals. But there was no evidence that it could go to other animals like rodents or cats. So, according to the scientist this cancer can't grow in humans.

Source: National Geographic



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