Norwegian Forest Cat is the National Treasure of Norway

Interview with owner of Norwegian Forest Cat

Can you please tell me what sort of the cat breed it is?

The breed comes from the Scandinavian peninsula. This breed is the national treasure of Norway.

Is this some kind of the official status?

Yes. Norwegians holds this breed in high regard and they are very serious about keeping all its special characteristics intact. The breed is large.

In the today’s ring your cat has competed for winning with the Maine Coon. It’s looked smaller than the Coon. Is this because it’s a female or is this breed in general smaller?

Basically the breed is smaller but it’s still a young animal. And it’s a female. It has the well-developed features which are specific for this breed.

What kind of the breed-forming features does it have?

It has a large, powerful, very sturdy core, wonderful profile and a very hard, strong chin. That’s why it has won.

Does it have an athletic build?

Yes… And as for the features, it is, first and foremost, the breed’s head. When comparing it with such other aboriginal cat breeds as Siberians, Maine Coons, it definitely differs from them by its straight profile, strong sturdy chin and its triangular shape of the head. And it also has a rich, so-called two-layer coat with over hair and a very thick undercoat.

Has the breed changed somehow lately, or on the contrary, is this a changeless, stabilized breed?

The breed is always changing. Breeders are always trying to improve certain aspects. Today work is under way to elongate its profile without losing the chin and to ensure its large size. Of course it’s not the size of the Maine Coon, but breeders always try to avoid the downsizing of the breed.

What is the estimated number of these cats in Russia? Because they are really rarely encountered.

In Russia there are less than 20 catteries which devote themselves to the breeding of this breed.

And what’s the name of your cattery?

I don’t have a cattery. I’m just an owner for the time being.

What’s the name of the winner?

Its name is Frida.

Do you plan to work within the framework of the cattery with regard to the breeding of this feline variety or do you want to work on your own in the future?

I’m going to become engaged in its breeding, since I have such a specimen of this breed, which shows such high results and which is appreciated on the examination by all judges. And I will work on the standard. I will probably do this within the framework of the cattery rather than on my own.

Why did you particularly choose the Norwegian Forest Cat?

The breed in its nature is remarkable; it’s harmonious both outwardly and mentally, inwardly. It gets along well with children. I have two small kids, it’s totally ok with them and deals with them very adequately. This breed has open, friendly, communicable character and can be easily socialized.

Today it’s carried itself calm and open.

But we should take into account that it hasn’t been its first day on the show or its first performance.

We know that the cattery has showed its sires at Grand-Prix Royal-Canin. Have you been at Grand-Prix Royal-Canin?

I’ve been in the support group of our cattery.

Are you going to show your cat next year?

Yes. It’s a large and good exhibition. There are many experts in there and they know their breeds very well. But we show our cats exclusively in the WCF.

We wish you luck!



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