Chinese businessman bought a dog for almost 2 million dollars

Chinese businessman bought a dog for almost 2 million dollars

The Tibetan Mastiff is a symbol of luxury, wealth and status in China, but even for citizens of the Celestial Empire the prize of 12 million Yuan oversteps all the limits.

In the Chinese province Zhejiang a 56-year-old head of the construction company from Qingdao spend 1.9 million dollars (12 million Yuan) on a golden one-year old Tibetan Mastiff. The last most expensive dog was the red Tibetan Mastiff sold in 2011 for 1.5 million dollars (10 million Yuan).

Tibetan Mastiffs are the national heritage of China and are considered to be as unique as Pandas. The reason of the beautiful golden hair of this breed can be the lion blood that still runs through their veins. But is it true or just a way to justify this excessively high prize?

Some think that the Tibetan Mastiff is just a fancy hobby for Chinese rich people like spending millions on diamond jewelry or sport cars. In China live a lot of wealthy people for whom another couple of millions spend on a fashionable dog is just a way to vary their everyday life.

Another thing is that until recently dogs were banned in China. And, as it always happens, after a ban was removed, the Chinese started buying dogs like crazy. The preferences were given to original, big and ancient breeds and very soon the Tibetan Mastiff became a fancy although very large fashion accessory.



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