«World Championship has set the bar high and today we have raised it for everyone»: presedent of RKF

Золотой ошейник 24.12.2016

This year numerous interesting events have been taking place in Russia, including the World Championship well timed to the 25th anniversary of the Russian Kynological Federation. And now there is this show at Christmas. How is it like, tough or easy? What does it mean for the RKF?

- Anyway it’s a major challenge. It’s a great deal of work and preparatory issues. By now we haven’t been able to finish, we haven’t even moved on to the Golden Collar but we already should begin preparing to the show in Eurasia. That is, this is a non-stopping progressive process. Of course the World Championship has set the bar high and today we have raised it for everyone so it’s natural that we should continue to perform well.

Have all winners of the World Championship managed to come to the Golden Collar?

- You know, I don’t know yet whether everyone has shown up or not but the number is quite impressive, people are walking around satisfied and giving thanks for the New Year’s holiday.

It’s a really well-organised show.

- But you probably haven’t seen everything yet. There is a main, the largest, beautiful and fantastic holiday to come.

So another major ring is waiting for us?

- Yes, there will be a large ring.

Tell me is it already clear which experts will provide judgeship in the large ring or does it remain uncertain yet?

- It’s known for sure. Take a look for yourself and you will see.

Thank you for the interview.



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