Puppies with green hair born in Spain

In Spain in the kennel «Rehala los Basares» two puppies were born with green hair. The hunting dog (Spanish gundog) brought two puppies, one of whom died and the second ones’ green hair disappears.

The owners of unusual dogs decided that puppies were dirty, tried to wash them, and did not immediately understood that the greens on the hair is a pigment, not a dirt. Veterinarians, having studied a lot of literature, concluded that such cases have not yet been committed and were not documented by experts. Most likely unusual coat color puppies acquired due to biliverdin - substance in the placenta.

Green puppies appear not for the first time in the media. The Labrador from England in 2012 in litter of eight puppies had one puppy with green hair, and in 2010, green puppy of Labrador breed was born in Brazil. But its green color has completely gone ten days after birth, and its coat has the usual color.

Source: wikibit.me



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