There's Nothing Cuter Than These Puppies Meeting Bunnies And Babies

A puppy can fill your life with warmth, love and endless amounts of cuteness. You are there every step of the way, watching your new best friend grow and introducing new experiences. Some of your puppy's first encounters with the world and the things in it are downright darling, especially when they meet other animals for the first time. The iciest of hearts can be melted as they watch a precious pup go through the spectrum of emotions as they meet other baby beasts.
We've partnered with Puppy Chow to bring you this video series documenting a few of the more "aw"-worthy firsts in a puppy's life. To kick things off, we let the cameras roll as a few pups were introduced to some feathered, fuzzy and otherwise cuddly creatures. Warning: heart-melting and involuntary smiling may occur.



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