'Concerned Kitten' Just Wants To Know How Your Day Is Going

Having a rough day? This cat is here to listen -- or at least he looks like it.
Gary the kitten from Bolton, England, was born with marks above his eyes that look like raised eyebrows. His permanent look of concern lead his owners to dub him the "Concerned Kitten," Andy Entwistle, one of his humans, told The Huffington Post in a message.
Gary, the "Concerned Kitten."
The 8-week-old recently made headlines after Entwistle shared a photo of the kitten with a local news outlet. He's since captured hearts across the Internet.
Contrary to what Gary may seem like based on his appearance, his owner said that the little guy is not really that worried about anything at all.
"Concerned Kitten literally does not have a care in the world, despite his anxious look," Entwistle said.
Gary does have a few hobbies, which include chasing and biting his mom's tail.
"For the record, I'd just like to say that no Sharpie markers, or any other brand of marker has been involved in Gary's rise to fame," Entwistle added, jokingly.
Noted; and we're going to keep pretending that Concerned Kitten just wants to know how we're feeling after a rough day at work. Or perhaps how we're coping with a scarcity of Nutella in our apartment.
To see more of the Concerned Kitten, visit his Instagram page here.
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