Bull semen stolen from farm

Police in the US are investigating the theft of around $70k worth of bull semen from a farm in Minnesota. Mower County sheriff's department say that a storage canister with vials of bull semen was taken from farmer's unlocked barn on Tuesday. The vials of the product can fetch anywhere from $300 (approximately £203) to $1,500 (approximately £1019) each. Bull semen is a lucrative product (APTN) Officials from the sheriff's department say it appeared the thief was fully aware of the value, since no other belongings had been stolen. Sheriff Mark May said: "they would have to have knowledge that, yes, this particular item was in this building, and maybe the value of it too". The investigation is ongoing and police have urged anyone to get in touch who has information about the crime. Sheriff May suggests the thief knew the value of what they were stealing (APTN)



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