Cat Lovers: The Event We've Been Dreaming Of Is Happening

For two glorious days in June, cat lovers' every fancy will be fulfilled.
CatConLA -- delightfully billed as Comic-Con for cat people, and taking place June 6-7 in Los Angeles -- will naturally feature lots and lots of cat merch, like cat-related jewelry, art, furniture, clothes, bedsheets, a cat-shaped urn for beloved cats who are chasing that great ball of yarn in the sky and more -- so, so much more.
There will be a massive cat adoption village. Francesco Marciuliano, a poet who specializes in kitten confessionals, will give a reading, while famous cats like Lil Bub are themselves scheduled to "speak" -- and no, we don't know what that means exactly, but we are super excited to find out!
A team of manicurists will be on hand to festoon your claws.
And even going to the loo will be fun in a kittenish sort of way. The company Purpose Cat Litter is taking over the bathrooms, although the details of that arrangement are still, as of this writing, a fascinating mystery.
"What they have in mind is top-secret, but I’m definitely intrigued," said CatConLA organizer Susan Michals.
Michals isn't new to cat-related gatherings. Last year, she curated a very cool exhibit of cat-related art, also in Los Angeles.
This upcoming event is, in part, another opportunity to elevate the image of cat lovers.
"When you say you’re into cats, people think ‘crazy cat lady,’" said Michals.
OK, well, sure, it would be great if the outside world could see our love of cats -- and our love for cat-printed bedsheets, and kitten poems, and whatever is going on with those cat-litter bathrooms -- as nothing more than a charming quirk.
But really, all we're looking for -- all we've ever been looking for -- is a magical time and place where we cat people can enthuse unabashedly about felines, together. And we think this might be it.
"More than anything, CatConLA is a celebration of our feline friends -- how they enhance our lives and make us happy in so many ways," said Michals. "Everyone is here for one sole reason. Cats!"
Head over to the CatConLA Facebook page for more info, and more photos, and more cats.
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