Dog Shows Selector

Dear friends, we glad to present you a new effective tool created specially so that you can find and select a Dog Show on our site
The Dog Shows Selector is located on a main page of the site and it’s very easy to use. You can select general parameters to find a Dog Show such as: date of the show or period, country, category and the rank of the dog show.

For better info visualization we made a Dog Shows Calendar. Also all events are available in a classic view as a list under the Dog Shows Calendar.

On this page we also have a Dog Shows Chooser where you can reselect the parameters of the Dog Show.
Our mission is to support your passion for pets and to attract more friends to our pet lovers’ society.

All events in a dog world happen so often that we cannot follow and add all of them. Please help us and your colleagues to know more about Dog Shows in Germany, Finland, Poland, Czech Republic, France, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Belgium, Slovakia, Russia, Belarus and etc.
Send us all detailed information you have on mail, add it in the special branch of the forum Dog Shows or send it to our admins in Facebook, so that we could add event on our site.




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