Dog Shows 23-25 May 2014

Dog Shows 23-25 May 2014 A list of different dog events coming this week end and the most expected will take place in Lithuania, Moletai.

So, lets see these events by order:

There is 3xCACIB in Lithuania in Moletai 23-25 May:

International Dog Show «Aukstaitija Summer - 2014»
International Dog Show «Baltic Winner - 2014»
International Dog Show «Molėtai Cup - 2014»

In Belarus in Vitebsk 24 May:

Republican Dog Show «Spring of Vitebsk - 2014»

In Czech Republic 24-25 May Litomerice will take place:

International Dog Show in Litomerice

In Finland 24-25 May will be:

National Dog Show Tuuri «Miljoonakoira - 2014»
National All Breed Dog Show Jarvenpaa

There are different National and Mono-breed Dog Shows in Poland this week end.
Dog Shows in Belarus

We are waiting for results next week.




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