Irina Deneshina: about Burmese breed and cat qualities that are important for winning in a cat show

Interview with Irina Deneshina, the owner of one of the most award-winning cats of the Grand-Prix Royal Canin Show 2016 Oskar from Andre & Cats (the Burmese).

In 2014 the cat Oscar from Andre & Cats got the World Winner title - WW14 NW13 SC Oscar (Mr. Gus) DAndre & Cats*RU DVM DSM!

You said you won the breed title in 2014…

- Yes, Grand-Prix Royal Canin.

How does it feel to win?

- It’s an amazing feeling. But before that we had been the best cat in the ring of short-haired breeds. The best short-haired cat in the world… So we’ve been heading for this!

Can you please tell us what characteristics, apart from conformation, should have a cat in order to place high?

- Temperament, above all. It feels at home everywhere and in all situations. It’s sure of itself so temperament is the most important thing. It will allow picking it up and will cuddle, give kisses, butt if it feels that it’s needed. If it isn’t necessary, it will simply ignore everybody, and that’s it. It likes to win, it got used to it.  It has been participating in shows since four months old.

It seems to have some kind of passion to winning and an understanding of its value.

- Yes, I mean it works off its title.

So is it true that cat can pose?

- Yes.

So does it sense the meaning of victory and strive for it, just like a human contestant?

- Yes, we’ve just had the nomination «Best» and it has gone fine. Everything’s great, everything’s good.


- Thank you. As soon as all male cats with short coat have been called for the nomination «Best», it has realized that it should start working. A judge-expert has walked between several breeds in order to choose the best one and when she’s come to our cat, it’s climbed up in her arms and put its paws around her neck.

Good job! It’s important to get yourself noticed in a right way!

- It’s been like this since it was a kitten; we call it a «Showman». It’s a very expressive, especially of it sees something interesting.

It reacts vividly to attractive things. And it itself attracts interest by an unusual colouring, it caches the eye.

- Yes.

So, tell me, what features characterize the Burmese?

- It’s love for humans and willingness to play with kids, people.

They are very socially active cats.

- Yes, they always need to feel your hands, want to be hugged and kissed. And equally, if it senses that you feel bad, sad or simply moody, it’s ready to shower you with attention.

So this cat is both a friend and companion. Then are you saying that this breed doesn’t suit well for those people who can leave their cat alone for 10-12 hours?

- Yes, they can’t stand loneliness. That’s why when we give kittens away; we always warn that they must have company at all times.  Let this be another animal, let this be a small dog, or just a rabbit.

Are you saying that this breed, the Burmese, is also tolerant to other animals?

- Yes, and it tolerates not only other cat breeds but other types of pets as well.

And do male cats get along? Do they get on okay or do some conflicts occur?

- If two male cats are unneutered, you better not take any chances. Since each of them guards its pride.

Do you mean that this tolerance doesn’t extend to their rivals?

- Yes.

Author: Alena Morgunovskaya



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