Chinese Chongqing Dog - dog breed description

Chinese Chongqing Dog - dog breed description The Chinese Chongqing Dog is an all-around working breed, which was developed in the Chinese areas of Chongqing and Sichuan at least 2 000 years ago. The initial predominant task of this dog was hunting but today it largely serves as a guardian and companion. It faced the danger of total demise several times throughout its history and it’s still reckoned as one of the rarest canine varieties in the world.

There is no doubt about the ancient origin of the Chinese Chongqing Dog as its direct ancestors had already been well-established by the time of the Han Dynasty, which controlled China from about 206 B.C. until 220 A.D. The most part of its development occurred on the territory of the ancient Chinese province of Sichuan where presently the city of Chongqing and its proximate surroundings are situated. This unique Chinese canine variety appeared as a result of centuries of purposeful selective breeding when only the dogs with desirable qualities were kept alive to breed.

The farm people of Chongqing and Sichuan often lacked essential sustenance for their families, to say nothing of canine pets. That’s why the Chinese Chongqing Dog was treasured as a multifunctional working animal although it was most frequently used for hunting various local species of animals ranging from rabbits to tigers. Moreover it could work equally effectively alone and in a pack. The dog was also capable of keeping off and even killing predators, which used to attack farmers’ livestock. It provided desirable companionship for its owners as well as reliable protection for their property. The specimens that fell short of these high expectations became the food themselves serving as a source of much needed and rare protein.

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