10 Celebrity Dog Lovers

Ordinary humans appreciate dogs for their ability to love unconditionally as well as for their loyal nature. But celebrities have even more reasons to value these very qualities since they have to face with hypocritical adoration and volatility of fame at every step. So it’s no surprise that there are so many dog fans among famous people.

1. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. This action hero is so attached to his little pal Hobbs that he carries it everywhere and even takes the dog to the daily workouts.
Dwayne The Rock Johnson Dog

2. Ian Somerhalder. Ian and his wife Nikki Reed also belong to recognized dog lovers. The actor even saved one of his present-day canine pets from the wheels of cars during filming of Vampire Diaries and called it Nietzsche.
Ian Somerhalder Dog

3. Naya Rivera. She adores her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel called Lucy and praises every moment she can afford to spend with it. Approximately a month after her wedding Naya and her husband adopted another cute puppy and gave it a name Emmy.
Naya Riveras dog

4. Hilary Duff. This teen idol definitely prefers dogs over cats and her Jack Russell Terrier named Jak and Bernese Mountain dog named Dubua are good testimonies to that fact. Her beloved Shihuahua, Lola, passed away lately and Hilary vividly illustrated the depth of her grief on Instagram.
Hilary Duffs dog

5. Shay Mitchell. Her three dogs enjoy all the benefits of star life, and more importantly, they have plenty of care and attention of their beautiful owner. By the way, Shay took her last dog, Angel, from a shelter.
Shay Mitchells dog

6. Ryan Reynolds. The actor also rescued his dog from a shelter. When he visited this organization, a large retriever with sad pleading eyes immediately drew his attention and they found a common language really quickly.
Ryan Reynolds dog

7. Lady Gaga. The eccentric star has joined the ranks of dog lovers fairly recently when she bought the pup of the French Bulldog and nicknamed it Asia. According to the frequent posts on Instagram, the dog shares its owner’s passion for dress-up.
Lady Gagas dog

8. Jake Gyllenhaal. Jake had few pets during his childhood so he came to the decision to adopt a dog only after filming in Broken Mountain. As a result he saved two dogs from a shelter and gave them nicknames Boo Radley and Atticus in honour of Harper Lee’s cult characters in To Kill A Mocking Bird.
Jake Gyllenhaals dog

9. Ashley Tisdale. Ashley owns a sweet Maltese/poodle hybrid, which she named Maui. She frequently celebrates her birthdays in Hawaii and therefore granted the pet with such a nickname.
Ashley Tisdales dog

10. Zooey Deschanel. When Zooey with her boyfriend came to a shelter to choose a four-legged friend she had no idea that she would leave the place with two pets instead of one. She sheltered two sisters which were initially separated from each other.
Zooey Deschanel dog

Celebrities who take dogs from shelters set the example of humanity and promote awareness of the homeless animals’ problem. And anyway, adorable canine buddies make seemingly unreachable stars more real and human-like, don’t they?



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