Pet dog sets fire to Peckham home as he reaches for biscuits

A pet dog set fire to a family home while hunting for biscuits while his owners were out. Leo, a Staffordshire-boxer cross, managed to turn on the electric hob - destroying the family's kitchen and nearly burning down the house. Grandfather of five Allen Mosey, his owner, said his family were now having to live on sandwiches while their blackened kitchen is repaired. "You wouldn't think butter would melt in his mouth, to look at him," he said. Fire investigators have concluded the fire in Peckham, south London, began when Leo turned on the electric hob, causing a child's booster seat resting on top to catch fire. Mice 'started' fire which killed 100 cats Hamster starts fatal fire at family home Mr Mosey, 67, said there were some biscuits nearby the dog had been trying to reach. His 21-year-old son, also called Allen, and his daughter's boyfriend had been upstairs at the time, but were unaware of the fire until they spotted smoke. They dialled 999 and then escaped with Leo and the family's other pets -- two turtles, a snake and a hamster. Mr Mosey's wife Jean, 45, said: "He is the most docile dog you could think of. He is a part of the family. We would not part with him." Tortoise starts New York fire Bird starts fire by dropping a cigarette butt All the kitchen contents, including white goods, were destroyed in the blaze. A London Fire Brigade spokesman said he was pleased no one was injured. "It shows just how important it is to keep pets away from naked flames or cooker controls and to make sure kitchen surfaces and cookers are clear of food and other items that can easily catch fire," he said.



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