Little Girl Gets Kitten For Her Birthday And Her Reaction Is Purr-fect

Six-year-old Brooklyn had told her parents that she really, really wanted a cat for her birthday; but they’d said no.
Imagine how utterly floored she was then when she opened her present on her special day to find a squashy little kitten staring back at her.
This is happiness, personified:
“Oh my god. It’s a kitty? Oh my god. I can’t believe my eyes,” Brooklyn exclaimed as she stared, wide-eyed and amazed, at her precious gift.
(Watch the big reveal in the video above.)
According to YouTuber Solar Flare, who uploaded the adorable clip earlier this year, Brooklyn’s mom -- who works at a veterinary hospital -- had decided to get the kitten for her daughter after attending an emergency C-section on a Persian cat. One of the cat’s babies was a male kitten with a weak heart whose “future was questionable.”  
“It just so happened that Brooklyn’s mom knew the best possible home for this little special needs kitty,” the YouTuber wrote.
The cat has reportedly grown into a “healthy, young boy,” thanks to Brooklyn's TLC.
Now that's one purr-fect friendship.
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