Great Dane Gets Comfy, Squishes Good-Humored Human In The Process

It's always nice to kick back and relax, but for this big pooch, it comes at the expense of his poor human's comfort.
In a video uploaded to Facebook, a Great Dane decides to unwind by lying out on the couch on top of his human, completely squishing the man who's just trying to watch some TV. From the looks of it, the pooch is probably unaware of his own size.
The clip, which was uploaded earlier this month, has gone viral with more than a whopping 40 million views and more than a million shares. Because nothing's more delightful than watching a Great Dane who think he's a lap dog.
Watch the giant dog toss and turn with his good-humored human smooshed under him. The pup is definitely trying to find the perfect position, regardless of whether it's pleasant for his owner.
We never thought something could look both really cute and really uncomfortable, but we were wrong!
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