Homeless man reunited with stolen pet dog after internet campaign

A homeless man has been reunited with his beloved dog after she was allegedly stolen by a fake policeman. Staffordshire bull terrier Treacle was reportedly snatched in London Bridge on Wednesday last week by someone claiming to be a police officer. Her owner, a homeless man known as Michael, was said to be a "complete mess" and "unable to cope" afterwards. • Homelessness 'on the rise' amid cuts to benefits It sparked an internet campaign to find Treacle. A week later it has emerged the pair are back together after a photo of Treacle with Michael was taken at their usual spot in London Bridge • Homeless Ukrainian man becomes unlikely online fashion star Sarah Stephenson Rix posted it to Facebook with the message: "Treacle is with Michael. He's outside London Bridge Tube, he's so happy to have her back." Anyone have seen stolen dog Treacle in London,please rep.@otslondon.Her homeless dad is desperate! #HelpFindTreacle pic.twitter.com/zujHcFSVaT— Tardiscleaner (@Tardiscleaner) May 24, 2015 Treacle is still missin as updated by leader of search!Plse keep RT her picture 2 get her pawjus face seen out there pic.twitter.com/NBmeCqvGid— Off The Streets #ots (@otslondon) May 25, 2015 THIS PICTURE WAS NOT TAKEN BY ME! This confirms that Michael & Treacle are reunited was taken a short while ago RT pic.twitter.com/CtEQuQGXDZ— Off The Streets #ots (@otslondon) May 25, 2015 After speaking with 2 TFL guys at London Bridge I can confirm & 100% satisfied that Treacle is now back with Michael! #treaclefound— Off The Streets #ots (@otslondon) May 25, 2015



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