Tiny Furniture: These Kitties Are Snoozing In Their Very Own IKEA Beds

In Japan, the Duktig, IKEA’s $20 “doll bed,” is being used in a whole new way: as a chaise lounge for our lazy feline friends.
HuffPost Japan has rounded up some of the best -- and most adorable -- images of cats hanging out on their very own tiny IKEA beds. Once the Swedish furniture juggernaut has caught on to this new market for their tiniest products, what’s next? Sunlamps for catnaps? Bookshelves for feline librarians? Let’s not give our cat overlords any big ideas… unless they’re willing to do the assembly themselves.
As if cat snoozes could get any more adorable…
Catnapping in style.
Cat-tested, kitten approved.
Guess it's called a “twin bed” for a reason…
This cat is ALL ABOUT this new napping technology.
This cat is still figuring out what this “bed” thing is all about.



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